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What you’ll need:

Chemex brewer, Chemex filter, a grinder, coffee and a mug or cup of your choice.

Step 1: Grind the Coffee

We recommend that you use a burr (rather than a blade) grinder where possible. Blades chop rather than grind and that means funky sized coffee that changes consistency from cup to cup. You don’t want that now, do you?

Step 2: Place and Rinse the Filter

Place the folded filter inside the cone. Run hot water through the filter to rinse it out and then preheat the brewer. Make sure you let all that nasty paper water drain through before pouring it out of the brewer. Try and keep the filter sealed against the walls. You want it tight like a tiger.

Step 3: Add your coffee

We recommend 50 grams (around six rounded tablespoons) of fresh ground coffee to make around 600ml of coffee.

Step 4: The initial pour

Bring the water just to a boil (electric kettles are great at this). For 600ml of brewed coffee you will use quite a bit more hot water for the three pours. Pour just enough into the cone so that it saturates the grounds and very little is dripping into the brewer. You want to try and get all the grounds covered evenly so move around as you pour.

Step 5: The first brewing pour

After about 30 seconds it is time to pour more water. Keep an even rate and pour in a spiral pattern to saturate all the grounds evenly. Bring the water level up to about 5mm below the rim of the brewer. The colour of the surface should be even with as few dark (brunette) or blonde spots as possible.

Step 6: The second brewing pour

Once you can see about 2cm of dry coffee, it’s time to go again. Pour around the rim first and then continue at an even rate in a spiral pattern. Get that water level up to the rim of the brewer and remember that colour should have as few dark or blonde spots as possible.

Step 7: Pull your filter

Once you have 600ml of brewed coffee in the tank, pull that filter and get it in to the sink to drain completely.

Step 8: Drink your coffee

If you haven’t worked it out already, the last step is to get that coffee in to your cup.