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Step 1: Warm the cup

Coffee is always sensitive to abrupt changes in temperature so we always recommend that you warm your cup.

Step 2: Prepare Portafilter

You’ll need to remove the portafilter. It is important to wipe the portafilter in order to both clean and dry the basket.

Step 3: Grind and Dose

We recommend that you use a burr (rather than a blade) grinder where possible. Blades chop rather than grind and that means funky sized coffee that changes consistency from cup to cup.

The coffee should be ground fine directly into the portafilter basket as evenly as possible. Be sure to turn the grinder off before the portafilter basket is completely full in order to ensure no coffee is left in the grinder. Remember that fresh is best.

Step 4: Settle the Coffee

Tap the portafilter twice on the counter or on the grinder forks to settle the coffee. There should be a small amount of coffee above the top edge of the basket after you settle it.

Step 5: Level the Coffee

You’re ready to level the coffee. You want to keep your finger straight and then gently glide it across the surface of the coffee. Try not to put any pressure on the coffee.

Step 6: Tamp the Coffee

Grasp the tamper in your hand and press down on the coffee in the portafilter with 30-40 pounds of pressure. Be sure to keep it flat and even to allow the coffee to extract evenly through the portafilter.

Step 7: Purge Grouphead

You will need to purge the grouphead before you replace the portafilter. Wait a few seconds for water to come out and then you’re ready to put in the portafilter.

Step 8: Insert Portafilter

You can now insert the portafilter in the grouphead. Start the grouphead and the timer at the same time. You will need to have cups handy to quickly put them under the spouts.

Step 9: Watch the Espresso

Watch the espresso as it extracts. It should drip and steadily increase in speed, but not gush out. The whole extraction – start to finish – should take about 23-28 seconds.

Step 10: Taste and Adjust

Take the time to taste the espresso and then adjust your grind for the next shot. It’s almost never right the first time, so have patience. Is it too fast? (20 seconds) You will need to adjust the grind finer for your next shot. Is it too slow? (30 seconds) You will need to adjust the grind coarser for your next shot.