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Tattooed Nun

Tattooed Nun is all about contrast and balance. On one hand as a black it offers the ultimate guilty pleasure – rich with buttery caramel flavours and a dark chocolate finish. On the other hand, add milk to the mix and you will be presented with a much more controlled and smooth experience. The only question is which one will you choose?

Molasses, dried raisin, stone fruits, dark chocolate, creamy mouth feel, mild acidity, pecan, vanilla, heavy body, juicy.

Espresso Guide

Ratio: 1:2
Dose: 19g
Yield: 38g
Time: 25-28 Seconds

Disclaimer: All espresso machines and grinders are made differently. This recipe should be used as a starting point, not an absolute.

This profile and recipe was developed using a La Marzocco Linea with VST 20g baskets.

As different machines extract in different ways, this information should be treated as a starting point and not an absolute.

The recommended baskets for this espresso recipe are the VST 20g.